The Waterbury Festival Playhouse -- Central Vermont's only Semi-Professional Theater

Parasite Drag


Written by Mark Roberts
Shows (Evenings at 7:30pm):
Thu. 8/29 - Sat. 8/31, Wed. 9/4 - Sat. 9/7, Wed. 9/11 - Sat. 9/14

* * * WARNING * * *
Parasite Drag is for adult audiences ONLY
As a courtesy to the cast and fellow audience members
Children under High School age will NOT be ADMITTED

Life has drama, and some lives have a lot of it. This show reaches deep inside you, shakes up your guts, and then drops you back into real life hard. What is it about seeing people's inner thoughts and feelings torn open for the whole world to see that we find so compelling? This is what dramatic theater is all about. Go out for drinks, take the long way home, or just plan to sit in your car, because you will want time to talk about this show after you see it. This is NOT recommended for young audiences.

The Cast
Gene BrownAdam Cunningham
Joellen BrownGinger Pierce
Susie BrownSarah Mell
Ronnie BrownDavid Dilego
The Crew
DirectorGeorge Pierce
Set Construction & DesignRick Loya
Lighting/Sound OperatorTim Schein
Stage ManagerKathy Barickman

Kathy Barickman Kathy Barickman
is excited about her third season with WFP. She has been playing in the dark backstage since high school and has stage managed productions throughout college and then with the Valley Players in Waitsfield, VT after moving here from upstate NY. When not playing in the theater, Kathryn can usually be found at her job as an environmental laboratory analyst in Williston or singing with St. Michael's College Liturgical choir. Occasionally she is even at home in Underhill with her husband, Jake, and their houseful of loving critters. She thanks her parents (both English teachers) for passing on their love of theater and her husband for his loving patience.
Adam Cunningham Adam Cunningham
is happy to be working with WFP once again. He was last seen as Sidney Bruhl in the Essex Community Players' production of Deathtrap. Other WFP appearances include Mike Talman in Wait Until Dark, Lawrence Garfinkle in Other People's Money, Harry Monday in Murder is Bad, But Monday Can Kill You and Harry Budd in The Year of the Duck. Other Vermont roles include Ricky Roma in Glengarry Glen Ross, Bruce in Beyond Therapy and Inspector Hubbard in Dial M for Murder. He's also done several local commercials.
David Dilego David Dilego
has a B.A. in Theatre Arts from Plymouth State University and attended the National Shakespeare Conservatory. Some of his other roles include Mitch Albom in Tuesdays With Morrie, Clifford in Deathtrap, Demetrius in A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Petruchio in The Taming of the Shrew. He has worked with Lost Nation Theater, Vermont Stage Co. and the Vermont Shakespeare Co. among others. He is also Artistic Director for Commedia Vermont, the state's only Commedia dell'Arte troupe. He would like to thank his family, especially his wife Liz, for their love and support.
Rick Loya Rick Loya
had worked with George and Ginger on many productions in the past but, this is his third season with the Waterbury Festival Playhouse.
Set Design and decoration has been passion of Rick's for over 20 years now. Also enjoying the opportunity to take the audience to another time and place and regarding the set as another character in the performance.
His professional career has been in the custom sign business as a designer sculptor and pictorial artist . Currently he runs his own business offering a "broad brush" line of artistic services including fine art and graphic works to faux finishes.
Sarah Mell Sarah Mell
first stepped into the Vermont theatre scene dancing around in her skivvies with the infamous Spielpalast Cabaret as the cheeky character, Billie Darling. Most recently she had the distinct honor of creating choreography for Seth Jarvis's original musical "The Moreau Horrors", where she also originated the roles of Goat and Hernicorn. Sarah is thrilled to take on her first straight play this summer with the Waterbury Festival Players! She tackles each new theatre challenge with the constant support of her very own stage manager in life, her big sister Heather, and with love and encouragement from her biggest fan, Kim Jordan. Oops!
George Pierce George Pierce
It all comes down to the show. All the building and rebuilding, planning and organizing comes with one great reward. I get to sit with an incredibly talented group of actors and we get to create a show. This is the third time I've directed this show and it never ceases to amaze me how different they can be. We set a high bar in 2006 when Noises Off opened the playhouse. Watch while we try to raise the bar yet again.
Ginger Pierce Ginger Pierce
has appeared on the WFP stage every year since the theater opened in 2006. She is happy to reprise the role of Dotty in Noises Off, the theater's inaugural production. Ginger is very excited to play the role of Joellen in Parasite Drag. This play unfolds like the petals of a flower to reveal layer after layer of a dysfunctional family bound by memories and desperate need. When she's not doing theater stuff, Ginger enjoys gardening, catching up with her kids, spending time with her husband George and being a 2nd hand store junkie.