The Waterbury Festival Playhouse -- Central Vermont's only Semi-Professional Theater

The Waterbury Festival Playhouse Brings You Its 2014 Season

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Central Vermont's Professional Theater

We offer some of the best local actors and theater technicians that central Vermont can provide.

Dedicated to producing the highest quality non-musical shows possible, the Waterbury Festival Playhouse brings you the shows you won't see anywhere else. Also, we are so confident of the quality of our productions we guarantee them. If you don't feel you've seen a high-quality production, we'll give you your money back.

Our 2014 season is the 8th season for the Players. It is a little shorter than most of our seasons featuring only two shows. We are trying some different things this year, and we are doing two shows to see how they work. So, we picked a nice thought provoking drama in "Sight Unseen", and a good laugh out loud comedy "The Underpants".

Sight Unseen

Sketched on the canvas of the modern art world, this story involves you with a small group of relatively normal people, facing life's emotional challenges from ego to envy.

The Underpants

Unexpected turns, miss-direction, sweetness, naughtiness and confusion. This show features a great group of characters for you to enjoy.

See who's making this possible:


  • The Grossman family of Grossman Marketing
  • Louise J Mueller & David G Lagala
  • Jeffrey & Maryanne Larkin of Arvad's Grill and Pub
  • Carol & David Loysen
  • George & Virginia Pierce
  • Paul & Louise Reed of Sundown Corp.
  • John Reynolds of ST Paving
  • John & Val Vincent of Vincent's Pharmacy

About Us

The theatre is a 150-seat black-box style theater set in a unique fabric building (sort of a tent, but not really). It's set along Route 100 between Waterbury and Stowe, and is an easy drive from either direction. The parking lot is bordered by blueberry bushes, providing free preshow and intermission picking (in season).

The Playhouse is home to the Waterbury Festival Players, a professional group offering non-musical productions for adult audiences throughout the season.

The theater and its production company are the realization of the dream of George and Ginger Pierce to make this type of theater available to the performers and theater-going community of central Vermont. They are both active in the theater's performances and operation, and welcome you to enjoy the magic of live performance theater along with them.